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Our motto, "Polite Professional Service" says it all about Charlottesville Hardwood Flooring.

"Polite" defines the way we interact with you, our customer / client.

What we do will affect your home or business - so you and your needs and desires are our marching orders.  We are here to listen, listen, listen to your wants / desires / needs, and to lend our professional expertise in the hardwood flooring field to help make those ideas come to fruition, with the lowest cost to you.

You are "the boss" and we will do all we can to meet your needs - guiding you on what is / is not possible, what alternatives exist, trade-offs, etc - always remembering that the customer may not always be right (tongue in cheek) but he/she is always the customer!!

"Professional" defines who we are and how we approach getting your job done - based on our 20+ years in the hardwood flooring business. With confidence, we can say we know what we are doing!

That 20+ years has seen us run the full gamut of hardwood floor processes: installation, staining, finishing, repair, refinishing, refurbishment.

We have done floating floors, nail/staple downs, glue downs. Over existing flooring / substrates, on / above concrete, new construction, renovation, homes and businesses.

We have done raw wood install-sand-finish, prefinished floor installs, sand-down-re-stain-finish, refinishing of in place prefinished floor installation.

We have worked with the basic surface finishing techniques (solvent and water base urethanes) and also with the older style penetrating finishes - both for new and refurbishment and revitalization.

We keep abreast of the latest changes and technology, and we learn from our peers where they have new techniques / processes that improve our ability to get the job done. We are constantly learning and growing - to your benefit.

And, if we don't know the answer to your question, we do know the people in the industry that will know - so we will get you the right answers (and learn and grow some more).

No job is too small or too big for us to tackle. We have worked in apartments and bungalows, small homes and large homes and larger homes, businesses of all sizes.

We have installed, finished native woods, bamboo, raw wood, pre-finished wood, antique reclaimed woods, and exotic woods.

We have done custom treatments: custom color mixing, use of multiple stains on one floor, inlays, borders, medallions, diagonal installs (with and without borders), raw wood stair installs, stair repair, prefinished stair installs.

We have been the "go-to-guy" for tough, special problem resolution and trouble shooting and repair - the hard ones to fix.

With confidence, we can say we know what we are doing!


Bottom line: We will listen to your needs desires and apply our professional knowledge and approaches to giving you the best value for your dollar, and the best solution for your particular situation. You are our most important asset - a happy or soon to be happy customer.







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