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Our business process is designed to maximize the satisfaction of both you, our customer / client, and the needs of our business - with a focus on a clear set of steps and clear documentation of client needs, client decisions, prices, etc - while providing a mechanism for client changes as the job proceeds, recognizing that some changes may result in added cost to you.


Process Step Description / Content
=> Client Query => Initial interest expressed, ideas explored
=> Define Needs => Options discussed, needs refined, enough info for next step
=> Preliminary Proposal => Proposal prepared, including list of open questions, decisions to be made
=> Formal Proposal => Work content, colors, finish, wood type, etc finalized & OKed - Progress payment schedule & triggers defined
=> Contract / Work Order signed => This is the end of the proposal stage & beginning of the execution phase
=> Initial payment => Material Ordered
=> Work begins =>  Material received, client schedule accommodated
=> Work progresses => Per agreed schedule & progress payment receipt
=> Customer changes => All governed by a "change order" process:

= All changes must be approved by both sides


= If change does not affect material in process or work completed, then it may be accommodated without charge, but most likely will entail schedule delay


= If change affects material in process or work completed, there will be charges assessed, there may be schedule delays, and work will halt until changes are agreed to by the client

=> Progress payments => Per agreed schedule, trigger event occurrence
=> Work completion => Review with client
=> Adjustments, if any => Review with client
=> Final Payment => Customer signs off on the job.






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