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Properly maintaining your hardwood floor adds beauty and value to your home.

Even with proper care and routine maintenance, your floors may still need some added attention as time passes.

Buff and Coat

The first level of added care may be indicated by some scuff spots and slight surface discoloration, especially in high traffic areas and sometime in front of chairs that get a lot of up and down use.

This approach may also be needed in cases whare you decide to remove old carpet installed over a prior hardwood floor installation, and you find that old floor needs some attention to bring it back to a like-new look.

In those cases, Charlottesville Hardwood Flooring will recommend and perform a "buff and coat" revitalization. The floor will be cleaned by the homeowner, then it will be buffed (to remove hard dirt and to slightly abrade the old finish), then vacuumed and tacked to remove the abrasion by-products. Then one or more coats of new finish will be applied.


In cases where "buff and coat" will not suffice - deep scratches, extremely visible high traffic areas - then we will recommend a refinish process where the floor is sanded to bare wood and then new finish and or stain is applied.  Our trained staff will utilized the best industry processes to ensure your floor is restored to like new appearance.

Hardwood floor refinishing begins with sanding the floors down to the raw wood to remove scratches, dents, stains, and of course, the old stain and finish. You then pick a stain color (same as the old one, or a new one for new directions).  Your choices are not limited to the wide variety of standard colors we have available. We can mix custom colors to meet your needs and design requirements. The last step is choosing the final desired sheen of finish (satin, gloss, high gloss) and the type of finish to be applied.

Dustless Processes

Charlottesville Hardwood Flooring uses the latest "dust-less" equipment throughout all of its processes.  This ensures minimal dust generation in your home, and the lowest possible dust levels to affect the final finish.







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