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Repair / Restoration

Repair Due to Damage

Sometimes your beautiful hardwood floors can be damaged by circumstances not anticipated, such as water leaks, staining by pets, or other damage to areas of the flooring.

In most cases the damaged can be repaired by the Charlottesville Hardwood Flooring technician with a technique involving the selective removal of damaged flooring, replacement of same with new wood of the same species, using a fingering technique to merge the new wood into the remaining old wood.

Once the new wood is fingered in, the technician will refinish the entire floor (repaired sections and original sections). See below for details on the refinish process.

Restoration / Design Changes

Often need for restoration is driven by design changes - the desire to repurpose a room, the need to replace old carpet with hardwood flooring, the need to change a floor color to fit a room redesign, the need to make two rooms / areas into one, etc.

Charlottesville Hardwood Flooring has the skills and equipment to assist in making those changes a reality. As the pictures below show, we can piece together new flooring being used to replace a carper, fingering it into an existing adjacent room / area's exist hardwood floor, and then proceed to sand and finish on the new floor.

We can revitalize an old hardwood floor that had been cartetted over 9as noted under refinishing)

We can use the sand and refinish techniques to change the color / stain and / or gloss of an existing hardwood floor.

Refinishing After Repair / Restoration

Once any of the above changes have been made, We move into the sand and finish phase as described below.

IHardwood floor refinishing begins with sanding the floors down to the raw wood to remove scratches, dents, stains, and of course, the old stain and finish. You then pick a stain color (same as the old one, or a new one for new directions).  Your choices are not limited to the wide variety of standard colors we have available. We can mix custom colors to meet your needs and design requirements. The last step is choosing the final desired sheen of finish (satin, gloss, high gloss) and the type of finish to be applied.

Dustless Processes

Charlottesville Hardwood Flooring uses the latest "dust-less" equipment throughout all of its processes.  This ensures minimal dust generation in your home, and the lowest possible dust levels to affect the final finish.




Remove damaged wood, finger in new wood, then sand all the wood, then stain and finish entire repaired floor





Combine 2 Areas Into Single Hardwood Floor:


Before: Separate Carpet &

 Wood Areas Before


During: Carpet Out,

New Wood Fingered in

All  of Area - Sanded, Stained, Finished

(Now a Single Floor)




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