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Why Choose Hardwood Floors?

  • Hardwood floors never go out of style

  • Hardwood floors add value to your home

  • Hardwood floors are easy to care for

  • When properly cared for, your hardwood floors will last a lifetime

What Can You Expect from Us?

  • Polite, professional, clean and efficient service

  • A lasting, unique, beautiful hardwood floor

  • Expert installation and finishing from Charlottesville Hardwood Flooring

  • The latest in low dust / dust free installation technology

  • The latest in "Green", environmentally safe materials.

Some things to know about hardwood flooring:

  • All hardwood floors will crack between boards as wood reacts to changing moisture content in the air. Use of humidifiers/dehumidifiers will help

  • Cracks are more visible with light stain colors

  • Standing water will stain and or warp the floor

  • Our finishes are extremely durable, but they and the wood are not impervious to heavy equipment, pointy high heeled shoes, and furniture moved without proper care.

  • All wood floors will fade or "amber". Even our modern formulations of finish will tend to yellow or amber or fade over time, especially when the floor is exposed to direct sunlight

  • All wood varies in grain, texture, and color - added to the character of your floor. This means that hardwood floors will not have:

    • A table-top finish (meaning totally flat finish) - cannot be done.

    • A mono-tone color - each piece of wood has its own character.

  • Even with our dedicated use of the latest dust free equipment and practices:

    • It is impossible to create a 100% dust-free environment, there will be small particles of dust trapped in the finish, usually unnoticeable and they will wear away as you begin to use your floor


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