Stage to Wendys
From: near Forestville To: near Chester
Driving Distance: 41.9 miles Time: 43 minutes

Time Distance Instruction
9:00 AM0.0 1   Depart near Forestville on Old Marlboro Pike (North) for 109 yds
9:00 AM0.1Turn LEFT (West) onto SR-4 [Pennsylvania Ave] for 120 yds
9:00 AM0.1Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto I-495 [I-495 Outerloop] for 7.6 mi towards I-95 / I-495 / Beltway North / Baltimore / College Park
9:08 AM7.7At exit 19A, take Ramp (RIGHT) onto US-50 [John Hanson Hwy] for 8.3 mi towards US-50 / Annapolis
9:17 AM16.0Road name changes to US-301 [US-50] for 25.9 mi
9:43 AM41.8At exit 39B, keep RIGHT onto Ramp for 65 yds towards MD-522 / Dominion Road
9:43 AM41.9 2   Arrive near Chester