SilverBack's Flag Holder    

This is specifically for a Yamaha V-Star 1100 (may also work on 650) and will most likely work on any HD that accepts the soft-tail sissy bar.

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Stainless Steel

Rod Holder $40

Soft-tail Sissy Bar

Bar 1/2 in square $60

Painter Pole - Lowes

4-8 ft extendable $20

D-Clips 2 sizes

Lowes, Tractor Supply $2

Center clip not shown
The rig on the bike Top Clip Bottom clip  


How to make it work - build and mount:

I removed the Yamaha sissy bar and replaced it with a very short one for a HD soft-tail - must have 1/2 square cross section. And you will need 4 screws to mount it as HD uses SAE and Yamaha uses metric - so the holes will align, but the screws will not work.  (HD stuff is cheaper than Yamaha in this case).
(Or your Yamaha bar might work also - if you want to try and use it - I thought mine was too tall to ride into the garage with the collapsed poles in place).
I use a stainless steel rod holder - from this link:
or just go to and search for:  Perko Stainless Steel Rod Holder

It will fasten around the sissy bar, and is adjustable to get the exact angle you want.
I use a 4 to 8 foot adjustable painters pole from Lowes, and used a pole top I had from a banner pole to cover the screw threads at the top (where the paint roller would attach) - this pole is a combo of fiberglass (outside cream colored part) and aluminum (inside part).
I removed the rubber-ish cover on the bottom of the pole so the pole will go down into the holder  - and then cut some circles out of it to slide up the  pole to cushion the top from rattling in the rod holder.
I drilled a hole at the top thru just the aluminum to accept a D-Clip from Tractor Supply (or Lowes)  - holds the top end of the flag.
I then raised the center, adjustable part to about the second click, and then measured down the width of a flag (grommet center to grommet center) and drilled another hole this time through both pieces (fiberglass and aluminum) aligned through the pole the same way as the top hole - so it could hold another D-Clip to keep the bottom in place.
Both the above holes should be lined up so the flag clevises go in from the one side of the bike to the other (not from front to back or back to front) - Keep this orientation when you drill the hole mentioned below - you always want the clevis pin to go in from one side - so the flag pulls back against the side of the clevis.
I then slid the pole into the holder - and drilled a hole (larger in diameter) through the holder and the pole - near the bottom of the holder (1 inch up from bottom) so it would hold a larger D-Clip and thus keep the pole from twisting and allowing the flag ro pull off the clevis.
I have 3 on my bike, but you could use 1, 2, or 3 (max)



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