Ready (or Ready??)

Thumb raised slightly 

in front of your body

Start Your Engines 

Hand raised and 

rotated in a circle


Cut Your Engines / Pull Over!!

Hand slicing across 

your neck

Right Turn

Left Turn

Hazard In Road

In left side of lane

Use right foot if to right


Slow Down

Palm down, push up & down

Speed Up

Palm up, pull up & down

Staggered File

Two fingers up

(pinkie, index)

Single File

One finger up

(index finger!!)

Tighten Up

Open, close all fingers 

hand held high

Pull Along Side / Pass

Scoop hand up & forward

2-3 times


Back Off / Stay Back

Push hand down & back

forcefully, 2-3 times


Open Up The Gap

Keep stagger as is

Wave fully open hand


Pit Stop: 


Repeatedly point to kidney


Pulling Over

Repeatedly wave arm

Turn Off Signal

Pinch thumb, index finger 

together & apart


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