Dice Run 04-20-08
From: near Ruckersville To: near Ruckersville
Driving Distance: 73.8 miles Time: 2 hours, 12 minutes

Time Distance Instruction
10:00 AM0.0 1   Depart Start point - Turn Right  onto US-29 [Seminole Trail] (North) for 9.9 mi
10:12 AM9.9 2   Exit Left  onto SR-231] (North) for 1.3 mi
10:14 AM11.2 3   Turn Left to stay on SR-231] (North) for 20.7mi
10:47 AM31.9 4   Turn LEFT (North-West) onto US-522 [Zachary Taylor Hwy] for 0.7 mi
10:48 AM32.5      Inside village Turn RIGHT (North) onto US-522 [Berryville Pike] for 0.1 mi
10:48 AM32.6      Turn RIGHT (East) onto US-211 [US-522] for 3.6 mi
10:52 AM36.3      Turn LEFT (North-West) To return to Shell Gas station
10:53 AM36.4 5   At Shell [12663 Lee Hwy, Washington VA 22747, (540) 987-8310]
        Dice roll in Shell parking lot
11:13 AM36.4      Exit Shell - Turn right and stay on US-211 [US-522] (West) for 3.6 mi
11:21 AM40.0      Turn LEFT (South) onto US-522 [Berryville Pike] for 0.1 mi
11:21 AM40.1 6   Turn Left at Stop sign and stay on US-522 for 0.7 mi
11:42 AM40.9 7   Turn RIGHT (South) onto SR-231 [Fort Valley Rd] for 21.9 mi
12:18 AM62.9       Bear RIGHT (South-West) onto US-29 [SR-231] for 10.4 mi
12:30 PM73.3       Just past Luck Stone, make U-Turn through cut through onto US-29 North
12:32 PM73.8 8   Arrive Back at Start point