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bulletVCOM - Virginia Coalition of Motorcyclists

VCOM's MISSION STATEMENT: To solicit support on the state and local level that will promote and defend motorcyclist's rights. To keep its supporters politically informed allowing them the opportunity to express their sentiments to their representatives when important issues arise.  

The web site contains legislative information, articles of interest, and several other feature.  Worth a visit now and then! 

For current legislation, see the link below - where you will find a summary for each of the bills, and a link to the content and current status.

Link to 2003 Legislation - pending & enacted

2003 Legislative Report by Dave Sutton ABATE On Virginia Wind

They also have a setup where you can locate your current VA representatives - so you can personally contact them with your inputs and wishes as one of their constituents.


bulletJ. Thomas "Tom" McGrath - "The Motorcycle Lawyer"  His Web Site

Tom is a Lawyer, and rider,  specializing in matters motorcycle.  He has some good advice for us all, and is an excellent advocate for, and information source about, the legal rights of riders.  His web site promotes his business -- which is very friendly to us riders.

Tom gave us an excellent talk, "Protection - Virginia Motor Vehicle Insurance", on 05/03/03 at our monthly meeting.  All who heard him went away amazed at what we had been missing, and how enlightening his info was.

 This is a must-read, so do it and then act on it.

Click to get: "Protection - Virginia Motor Vehicle Insurance

This is copyrighted material, is reproduced here with permission, and is offered by Tom for our private use - not to be reproduced or published without his express permission.  In addition, it is not to be construed as a legal opinion or contract for legal services.

If you do not have the Free Adobe PDF file reader,   click here 

Tom also offered the opinion that we should each examine, with our insurance agents, the need for Medical Payment coverage on our motorcycle policies. We may have sufficient coverage with our health / medical insurance and or other policies, such as our automobile insurance.

Thanks, Tom, for your excellent, timely advice in these critical areas!!!

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